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healing mantra meditations podcast

Oct 7, 2018

This episode is about releasing anger.

There is a lot of crazy going on in the world right now and it's making people angry.

Peoples issues are being triggered and some don't even know it.

Focusing on releasing that anger is the best thing you can do right now.

If we want this world to be a better place, we have to...

May 7, 2018

This episode is for healing the body.

When we don't feel good because we are sick, it can be really challenging to stay in the light.

This healing mantra is to help stay in a high vibration to promote faster healing and recovery.

Mar 12, 2018

Before we can truly give our love to another, it's best to learn to love ourselves first.

Feb 15, 2018

Have you ever been down on yourself or thought you could never have all the good things others have because someone in your life said you weren't good enough??

That is what this episode is about.

This healing mantra is to help release that old programing.

Feb 1, 2018

A journey from the B Team to the A Team.

A healing mantra to help combat the negative self talk and gremlins in your head that are keeping you from reaching the next level of where ever you are at.